Which strain contains the terpenes for me?

Now that we know some of the more popular terpenes to help deal with pain, anxiety, depression and inflammation, let’s talk about the strains that carry a significant amount of these terpenes. We will provide a breakdown of the percentage of various terpenes that are contained within each strain.

Strains with Terpenes to potentially help with pain:

  • Grape Ape: 42.72% Myrcene, 13% Beta Caryophyllene, 14.1% Pinene and 4.8% Linalool (All studied for relief from pain and decreased inflammation)
  • ACDC: 30.83% Myrcene, 22.62% Pinene (anti-inflammatory) and 4.9% Beta Caryophyllene.
  • Blue Dream: 39.05% Myrcene, 23.33% Pinene, 8.17% Beta Caryophyllene and 5.1% Linalool.
  • Grandaddy Purple: 27.79% Myrcene, 7.59% Pinene, 7.48% Beta Caryophyllene and 2.94% Linalool.
  • Strawberry Cough: 25.32% Myrcene, 8.28% Pinene, 4.04% Beta Caryophyllene and 2.9% Linalool.
  • Headband: 13.43 Myrcene, 19.01% Beta Caryophyllene, 10.27% Linalool & 8.79% Humulene (Anti-inflammatory)
  • SFV OG: 13.21% Myrcene, 16.09% Beta Caryophyllene, 4.16% Linalool & 6.6% Humulene.
  • Sour Diesel: 13.93% Myrcene, 17.31% Caryophyllene, 4.17% Linalool & 8.74% Humulene.
  • Sunset Sherbert: 4.2% Myrcene, 16.32% Beta Caryophyllene, 3.17% Linalool & 4.37% Humulene.
  • Zittles: 3.68% Myrcene, 29.63% Beta Caryophyllene, 6.7% Linalool, 14.87% Humulene (Anti-inflammatory).

Strains with terpenes to potentially help with Pain & Anxiety:

  • Headband: 10.27% Linalool, 19.01% Beta Caryophyllene, 14.57% Limonene & 1.95% Pinene.
  • Zittles: 6.7% Linalool, 29.63% Beta Caryophyllene, 6.7% Limonene, 14.87% Humulene (Anti-inflammatory)

Strains with terpenes to potentially help with Anxiety & Depression:

  • Girl Scout Cookie (GSC): 16.55% Limonene, 7.49% Myrcene & 2.65% Linalool.
  • Gorilla Glue: 18.15% Limonene, 10.44% Myrcene & 3.73% Linalool.
  • Headband: 14.53% Limonene, 13.43% Myrcene & 10.27% Linalool.
  • SFV OG: 14.32% Limonene, 13.21% Myrcene & 4.16% Linalool.
  • Tangie: 46.24% Limonene, 7.81% Myrcene & 5.99% Linalool.

As you can see, different strains are good for multiple ailments because of the terpene profile that is present. Each strain has a different array of terpenes and they are available in different percentages. As mentioned previously, the effect of one terpene changes slightly when another terpene is added to the mix.

Let’s work on an example to help you choose the correct strain to try first. Let’s say your biggest issue is pain but also suffer from a little anxiety and depression. You may want to try HEADBAND. It has a good variety of the different terpenes that have the potential to reduce pain & inflammation, to sedate, provide anti-anxiety and antidepressant. If Headband provides a little relief but you desire more, your next option may be SFV OG. Continue experimenting with the strains that have the highest percentage of the terpene you want or a strain that has a good mix or profile of the terpenes you need.

Each of these strains is available through the link to Isolates. All terpenes contained in the isolate crystals are derived from cannabis. These terpenes are also present in our other CBD products (oils, capsules, concentrated paste, vape liquid). If you are looking for a particular terpene, please contact us and we will help you locate the right product. **Full lab test available for each strain upon request.**

**More information about specific terpenes can be found in the following blogs: 1) Intro to Terpenes (Terpenes 101); 2) Most Popular Terpenes: Effects, Value and Aroma

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